Stokes The Ultimate Ketchup Collection


Stokes Original Ketchup (1 x 300g/1 x 38g) – 200g of sun-ripened, juicy Italian tomatoes are crammed into every 100g of this award-winning ketchup, giving it a rich tomatoey flavour which makes you wonder how you had not discovered it before!

Stokes Bloody Mary Ketchup (1 x 38g) – Our classic tomato ketchup made with a dash of real vodka and a splash of Worcestershire sauce for a touch of Bloody Mary spice. Rich, colourful and full of body.

Stokes Chipotle Ketchup (1 x 38g) – A brimful of real Italian tomatoes with a smoky, spicy kick! Chipotle Chillies are Jalapenos left to ripen on the plant to a deep red, before being smoked, giving them their distinctive flavour.

Stokes Chilli Ketchup (1 x 38g) – A twist on the best – savour the rich tomato taste and then feel the heat of the spices kicking in.

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